Sunday, October 18, 2009

Benjamin Funnies

This morning before church I was upstairs getting ready and Benjamin was downstairs eating breakfast and calling up "Sweetie, come on!" Sometimes I'm a bit slow getting ready on Sunday mornings and I guess he thought he'd hurry me along. Matt's reply to him: "I'll be saying that in about 45 minutes." For the record, I was ready less than 30 minutes later.

Then, Benjamin was being silly in his booster seat this afternoon and I said "Benjamin, you are a goof ball." He continued being silly for a minute or two before replying with "Mommy a goof off." I get so little respect in my house. ;-)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

We are Still Here

Well I have certainly not been great at keeping up with this blog lately. Life has been a bit crazy around here with me doing some major decluttering and cleaning and of course, chasing the little man, and Matt is only 5 days away from his last section of the CPA exam. We are just a little EXCITED!!!

Along with being a bad blogger, I have also been a pretty bad photographer. Thus, the two pictures below are the only ones I have taken in almost a month. Benjamin doesn't stay in one place for long these days and most of his entertainment is vocal. He is such a talker and continues to make me laugh every day.

We are currently down to one car (this seems to happen once every couple of months lately), so Benjamin and I have been stranded at blessed to be at home the past couple of days. I, being the lover of exercise that I am, was most upset about missing the gym, so I decided Benjamin and I would work out together in the living room. It worked for about two minutes. He loves it when I turn music on and we dance, but when he discovered that my plan included him doing his own thing while I did mine, he wasn't thrilled. So I did a few crunches and squats and called it a day. Today I was determined to fit something in. I decided a walk/run was in order for the early morning before it got hot (high today is 92, and yes it's October 15th), but after about 1/2 mile with the bright and beautiful sunshine in my eyes and my sunglasses in my car that was towed to the repair shop this morning, my eyes hurt from squinting and I came inside to do Pilates. Benjamin, who loves getting out and running errands, heard me say Pilates and his face lit up. He ran to the door and said "Hobby Lobby!" He was a little bummed that we weren't going anywhere, but laid on the floor beside me while I exercised and said "I do Hobby Lobby." I got a double ab workout between the Pilates and the laughter.

I'll try to be better about posting, but we plan on having some major family time after Matt takes the last section of the CPA, so no promises. I do have some fun pictures of our family trip to a ranch/resort we went to with friends about a month ago and I will try to get those up in the next couple of days.
I'm crazy about this kid!!!