Monday, March 29, 2010


Well I can't find the camera cord and I don't really have time for a real update since I need to get back to unpacking, but we got to Indiana and while reality has not really set in yet, we are enjoying it so far. Benjamin did great during the long drive here and seems to be adjusting OK to our new place. I think we may have built him up a bit too much about our move though because every time he asks for something he can't have, he says, "it's for Indiana," or "When we get to Indiana, we'll have ..." But he'll adjust to the fact that we are already here. He's loving being closer to family and I think he's just a bit upset that we don't actually live with my parents and siblings. He keeps asking to go home, and I think he's referring to their house.

OK, well I need to get back to those boxes. I'll post some pictures and moving stories soon!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big News

*Warning: Super long and a little bit emotionally written post* :)
I think it's a bit funny that I titled this blog "The Davis Family News" but I haven't yet blogged about the biggest new we have at the moment. I'm pretty sure that most of you who read this know, but in case you don't, we are moving! We are leaving the big sunny beautiful state of Texas and returning to the Midwest to be closer to our families. When we moved to Texas well over six years ago we were super excited about the adventure of a new place, but I don't think either one of us considered it a permanent move. Then we found our awesome church, made some great friends, Matt went to school, we adopted Benjamin, and I think I fell in love with Texas and wanted to stay forever. But now here we are, moving back home again. The Lord has provided a great job for Matt and what appears to be a good cheap place to live (which is good since our house still needs to sell) that's close to Matt's new work and my family. We move in two weeks and I can't even totally comprehend it all. I feel like I'm just trying to soak it all in before we leave because I know that it may be a very long time before we come back. Last weekend we took Benjamin down to the Riverwalk and ate at Rainforest Cafe. He wasn't all that impressed at the time because they had a person in a frog costume wandering from table to table the whole time and he couldn't relax because he was scared to death. But we splurged and bought him a cup with a frog on the top and now he thinks it's the best place ever. Anyway, we decided to walk to the Rivercenter Mall and went and sat in the center area where they always have music playing and the wind is always blowing. Benjamin enjoyed watching the boats as they went by and I got lost in memories. I could just picture Matt and I about a week after we moved here. We went down to the river all the time then because it was new, fun, and free, but on this particular time, we went and got Marble Slab ice cream and sat on the steps outside eating it super fast because it was August and the ice cream was melting everywhere. Silly, but a fun memory that made me tear up. I know that we will build memories wherever we are, but it's hard to leave here knowing it may be years before we come back and revisit those memories. But as He so faithfully does, God has been teaching me even in the middle of my fear and sadness over this move. He's been reminding me that He is the same God no matter where we are. And He's been challenging me with the truth that He is all I need. It's easy to say He's all I need, but with this coming season of some major change, I think that truth is going to have some major impact in how I handle the change.

So that's one side of me. I feel like I have two different people inside of me sometimes. One is scared to death about this move and all the change it involves and the other is super crazy excited about living close to family again. I mean, when we left for Texas, all my siblings but one were little kids. Now my oldest younger brother is in college and my next brother is graduating high school. Two of my sisters are beautiful teenagers and two of my other sisters are getting close to that (They are beautiful, just not teenagers)way too fast. And then there's my youngest brother who's eight. Benjamin is SO excited to go get to play with his uncle John. I have such good memories from growing up of playing with cousins and I'm super excited for Benjamin to grow up around our families. So there you have it. I can't make up my mind. I'm crying one minute because of all I'll miss and I'm so excited I'm ready to leave the next because of where we'll be. So, I can't wait to see what God has in store for this next season of our lives.