Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Benjamin

One year ago today we were on our way to Austin, TX to witness the birth of Benjamin Priestley. I really cannot believe it's been a year. It seems like just yesterday that Matt and I were at the hospital feeling anxious and excited and nervous all at the same time. It seems like just yesterday that I held my precious son in my arms for the very first time and wondered if it was all for real. It seems like just yesterday that we had to leave the hospital without Benjamin and keep our hearts guarded wondering if he would really be our son. Those were long days and nights. This week holds two celebrations for us. Today is the day of Benjamin's birth. July 3rd will mark the day of Benjamin becoming our son. We just love him so much! God has been so merciful in allowing us to be Benjamin's parents. Thank you to all of you who have given your encouragement and shared in our excitement over the past year.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Benjamin's First Birthday Party

It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since our sweet little boy came into the world. We had his birthday party today so that his birthmom Olana could be here to help us celebrate. We will probably celebrate again on the 30th (more than one party is always good), but we had fun celebrating some firsts today. For his party we grilled out and Benjamin enjoyed a hamburger. Olana and her boyfriend were here, along with Benjamin's adopted grandma from our church, Marcia. Our neighbors stopped by as well. Benjamin loved having all the attention focused on him. :) He had a blast opening his gifts. He got a fun little riding toy plane from Olana. Now he is aspiring to be like his uncle Craig and fly his plane. He also got some books, a stuffed crab, and an outfit from Marcia. And after Benjamin had so much fun with Rachel and Craig's Exercise ball while we were visiting them, we decided to get one for him. Our neighbors teased us about getting him a yoga ball for his birthday, but he really loves it.

Then of course we had cake. I decided to get creative this year and make a train cake. I found a really neat site online with pictures of just about every kind of cake you could imagine as well as tips for how to make them. Mine didn't quite turn out like any of the pictures I saw, but it's a train none the less. I had so much fun putting it together! Benjamin was more interested in the animal crackers I put on one of the cars than he was in the cake itself. When we gave him cake, he wasn't sure what to think. First he got rid of his cake. Then he ate the animal cracker that was stuck to his cake. Then he just kind of stuck his fingers in the icing and smiled and looked at us like he wasn't sure what to do. Once he did finally eat some, he wasn't really all that impressed. He took a couple of bites but mostly just spread it around. However, when we added ice cream to the mix, he got very interested and loved it. Guess he fits right in with us since we are such ice cream lovers.


Benjamin went to his first VBS this past week. He's the one playing with the ball in the nursery. :) I volunteered to help with VBS this year and so Benjamin spent his mornings in the church nursery. It was a bit rough on him, and on me, but we survived the week, and he even "made" a cute little picture frame with the Hawaii theme of VBS.

The Garden

I'm so excited to actually have a yard this year to do a garden in. Since Benjamin keeps me so busy right now I decided to start small. I planted two tomato plants and two pepper plants. My tomato plants are growing like crazy. We got our first tomato about 2 weeks ago and a second one this past week. I have one plant that is short and stubby and has about 17 little tomatoes on it. The other plant is twice as tall, but only has two tomatoes. Mmmmm. There is nothing like fresh from the garden produce. I think I'm going to have to expand next year.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Laughing with Uncle Craig

Indiana Travels

Life has been pretty crazy around here with lots of traveling. Benjamin has become quite a good little traveler. On May 31, I traveled with Benjamin to Indiana for my brother Will's graduation from high school. Matt had to work, so he stayed here and I braved flying with Benjamin alone. He actually did very well, despite having gotten up at 4:30 in the morning. We had a great time seeing my family and Benjamin got constant attention. After staying a few days with my family, Benjamin and I went to Fort Wayne to stay with my sister Rachel and her husband Craig for a few days. It was a fun visit and we enjoyed some cooler summer weather.
My brother giving a speech during his graduation
Benjamin loved his Uncle Craig and had fun trying to walk

In the pool with Aunt Esther
Swimming with Mommy
Going out to Wendy's with Aunt Rachel
Chillin' out in the car