Saturday, June 28, 2008

Benjamin's First Birthday Party

It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since our sweet little boy came into the world. We had his birthday party today so that his birthmom Olana could be here to help us celebrate. We will probably celebrate again on the 30th (more than one party is always good), but we had fun celebrating some firsts today. For his party we grilled out and Benjamin enjoyed a hamburger. Olana and her boyfriend were here, along with Benjamin's adopted grandma from our church, Marcia. Our neighbors stopped by as well. Benjamin loved having all the attention focused on him. :) He had a blast opening his gifts. He got a fun little riding toy plane from Olana. Now he is aspiring to be like his uncle Craig and fly his plane. He also got some books, a stuffed crab, and an outfit from Marcia. And after Benjamin had so much fun with Rachel and Craig's Exercise ball while we were visiting them, we decided to get one for him. Our neighbors teased us about getting him a yoga ball for his birthday, but he really loves it.

Then of course we had cake. I decided to get creative this year and make a train cake. I found a really neat site online with pictures of just about every kind of cake you could imagine as well as tips for how to make them. Mine didn't quite turn out like any of the pictures I saw, but it's a train none the less. I had so much fun putting it together! Benjamin was more interested in the animal crackers I put on one of the cars than he was in the cake itself. When we gave him cake, he wasn't sure what to think. First he got rid of his cake. Then he ate the animal cracker that was stuck to his cake. Then he just kind of stuck his fingers in the icing and smiled and looked at us like he wasn't sure what to do. Once he did finally eat some, he wasn't really all that impressed. He took a couple of bites but mostly just spread it around. However, when we added ice cream to the mix, he got very interested and loved it. Guess he fits right in with us since we are such ice cream lovers.

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