Tuesday, May 1, 2012


How is it possible that April is already over?!? We had a super busy month! 

To start things off, we attended an egg hunt with the mom's group I'm a part of. There were over two thousand eggs scattered across the grass. Ben had a great time collecting them and I was just thankful that a lot of them had stickers, erasers, and pennies inside of them instead of all being filled with candy. 

 We spent Easter with my family. The weeks leading up to Easter were busy ones, so Easter outfits were not even a consideration until the night before. My sister gave us this super cute button down onesie and dress pants set for Elijah and Ben happened to have a hand-me-down suit jacket in his closet. Matt and I, well, I decided that Easter is definitely not about dressing up. :-) I meant to get a family picture, but I forgot, so you just get the boys.

Ben and I had a little fun project and made cupcakes to take to my parents house for Easter. They are little birds nests with tinted coconut for grass, jelly beans, and of course, peeps.
 My college roommate gave us this adorable "My First Easter" outfit, and it was really too cold for him to wear it, but I had to get a picture anyway. Unfortunately, none of my pictures turned out very well, but he still looks like a little cutie!
 The weekend after Easter, Matt's parents, his sister and her two girls, and his brother and sister-in-law came for a visit. Ben enjoyed getting to play with his cousins and everyone enjoyed getting to see and meet Elijah.
 We like to pack things in, so that same weekend, my Aunt Vicki came for a visit as well. We spent the weekend going back and forth between our house and my parents' house, but it was so fun to see everyone!

Hanging out with Uncle Don and Aunt Chrissy
Emma and Addison loving on Elijah
Elijah just being his cute little self

 The weekend after we had lots of family in town, we moved! Talk about crazy times! We are loving our new house and after a week and a half we are finally finding some sense of normalcy and organization. Still lots to be done, but we can function. A couple nights after we moved in, I turned all the lights off and looked up to see the moon shining through the foyer windows. It just looked so pretty that I had to take a picture. So please excuse the randomness.
 Mr Ben is very much into Lego building these days. He loves to make helicopters, planes, cars and trucks and his imagination is amazing.

 Family picture in front of our new house.
 I got a new lens for my camera for my birthday and I've been playing with it a lot. I have SO much to learn about picture taking, but I'm having lots of fun photographing my little sweeties.
So that about sums up the month of April at our house. Other noteworthy events: Ben took an accidental brick to the head and got a major haircut so we could butterfly bandage the wound, I said good-bye to thirty and the wonderful year that it was and now I'm officially IN my thirties, and Elijah is growing like a weed and is a little over 13lbs now.