Friday, October 19, 2007

First Post in our very own family blog

We thought this would be a fun way to keep you all up to date on the latest things happening with our family. This blog thing is very new to me (I know, we are behind the times), but I will try to keep it updated as much as possible. Of course, most of our news will be Benjamin related. :)

So, the big news for this week...Benjamin is on the move! He rolled from his stomach to his back twice in one day about two weeks ago, and has not done it since, but this week, he has mastered the back to tummy roll and does it daily. He has also gotten to be quite good at moving around on his back. He just digs his heels into the floor and pushes himself backwards. Or, if he would like to go forward, he picks up his legs and propels himself forward as he brings them back to the floor. Looks like a pretty good workout for the abs.


Jessica said...

Hello Sharon! :) I was just thinking about you earlier today! I'm so glad you're now blogging! I've gotcha bookmarked! Love you all!

Elisa said...

Hey girl! I am sooo impressed with your technical ability! You're ahead of me. Please fuss at Benjamin and tell him that the next time he's at our house, he'd better perform!!! He didn't do even ONE roll for me! Love you!

megan said...

Hey Sharon, wow look how big he is.
So glad to see that he/you are doing well. He is really cute. Do you call him Benjamin or Ben and how old is he now.

Rachel said...

Wow he's so big now! Congratulations again, to both of you. =)
Are you and Matt coming home for any holidays?