Thursday, January 17, 2008

We are Final!

What an exciting week this was! After waiting the required six months after placement, we finalized our adoption! WOOHOO! We traveled to Dallas on January 13 and stayed in a ridiculously priced hotel in order to be close to the courthouse. At 8:20 on January 14 we arrived at the courthouse and met our lawyer. Then we proceeded to the courtroom. We were in the family court area. Having never been to court before, I nearly lost it when the judge entered and the bailiff said "all rise." We rose and less than two seconds later the judge said be seated, so we sat. I don't know why but I had the hardest time not laughing at at the fact that we stood up for like 2 seconds. Anyway, we sat and waited for our turn and realized that pretty much everyone else there was waiting for the judge to hear their divorce case. Really very sad. So we got to be the highlight of the morning. I mean finalizing an adoption is way better than a divorce right!?! After we raised our right hands and swore to tell the truth, the judge asked "and what about the child?" :) So then we proceeded with our yesses and our no's and the adoption was final. The judge then reached behind him and pulled out a teddy bear which he presented to Benjamin. Benjamin thought that it looked tasty! Here are the pictures to proove the day!

Waiting to be Final

Picture with the judge

A Finalized Family

Benjamin with our lawyer

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