Thursday, April 3, 2008

The little boy is growing up!

Benjamin is everywhere now. It's so amazing how much he has learned in the past month. At the beginning of March, he was still scooting backwards for the most part and not very quickly. Now he has developed his own form of crawling and is quite proficient at it. He is Mr. curious and is into everything he can reach. And his reach was just extended as he began pulling up on furniture the day before yesterday. He loves to stand up and is so proud of himself for pulling up into standing. I must say, it's just so cute to see those chubby little legs and feet supporting him.

Benjamin is also quite the talker. He jabbers all day long and more and more it sounds like he thinks he is saying something intelligible. He is waving bye-bye sometimes and we are not sure, but there have been a couple of times when he has sounded like he was trying to say it too. But when you are a proud parent, everything sounds like words. :) He is quite the little ham too. He loves it when we get the camera out and usually starts smiling and crawling toward it. So I have a lot of pictures that are very close up.

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