Friday, August 1, 2008

Beaches and Birthdays

I took Benjamin in for a professional photography session this week. This was my fourth attempt to take him in. My first attempt came right before Father's Day, but there were no appointments available. Then I tried again, but Benjamin woke up with a rash on the day of his appointment. Our third try was for a weekend and we crammed too much into the day and had to cancel again. Try number four finally worked. I must confess that I had been dreading this session because our last professional photography session was not the best experience. We ended up with a couple of decent pictures, but it wasn't pleasant getting them. This time I tried a different studio (Portrait Innovations), and I loved them! Not only did they get some great shots, but they did a really good job of interacting with Benjamin to get him to smile. He had a great time and loved the attention. Then, they even played with Benjamin while I picked out the pictures I wanted. I know it was a bit late for his birthday, but I brought in a cake and they took pictures of him devouring it. Boy did he have a sugar high to come off of that night! But it was really fun. So, since we were so pleased, we went back this weekend for family photos. Here are a few of our favorites. Please note that these are copyrighted and we are allowed to post them, but they may not be printed.


Joel said...

Thanks for posting more pics. :)
Benjamin sure loved that cake.

Esther said...

Benjamin is sooo cute.