Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day, Big Boy Beds, and a Cute Benjamin Story

This past weekend was actually a celebration of both Mother's Day and Father's Day for us. For Mother's day, Matt had given me a gift card to Starbucks and a little money and told me that some Saturday I could have the morning off and go sit at Starbucks and relax and read or do whatever. Well, the past month and a half has been crazy, so this past Saturday was the first time we had time to do it. And it was SO wonderful! I spent over an hour at Starbucks drinking yummy coffee and working on my Bible Study. Then, since I had a little money to spend, I stopped in at Old Navy because their tank tops were $2!!! I love a good deal! When I got home I felt so refreshed and ready to get back to normal stuff. Thanks honey!

Father's day was a fun family day of going to church, reading together, and eating some yummy Salmon sandwiches. There's a restaurant in Bandera that we've been to a couple of times and they have the best Salmon sandwiches. I attempted to imitate them and while they didn't come out quite as good as theirs, they were still delicious! Benjamin was so cute about the card he picked out. When I was out shopping for a card from me, Benjamin spotted a card with a monkey on the front. He REALLY wanted that card, so I decided it could be his card to daddy. He colored all over it and was pretty sad when I closed it up in the envelope. Then, when Matt opened it, Benjamin wanted it back. He really likes monkeys!

We also redid Benjamin's room this past weekend. We started him off in a toddler bed since we had it with our extra crib, but we will soon be starting the process to adopt another baby, so I am getting in nesting mode and felt like getting his room turned into a big boy room. Benjamin's passion is trucks, cars, buses, SUVs, cement mixers, and well, anything with wheels really. So I found a super cute bedding set with cars, trucks, and buses all over it to put on our twin bed. We also got some wonderful blackout curtains to help him sleep better during nap time (still working on that as he likes to climb out of bed), and some new bigger letters to paint and put up in his room. It's still not done, but he's officially been transferred to the big boy bed and he looks so grown up!

And for the cute story, this morning Benjamin got our camera off the ledge upstairs and held it up to his face and said "mile, mile." Guess he knows what to do with the camera. Imagine that! He handed me the camera and I told him to smile. Here's the smile he gave me:

Yep! I sure do love this little kiddo!


Lauren Christine said...

Yay for big boy beds!! And great deals at Old Navy :)

Teal said...

That picture of him in his bed is the cutest thing I have ever seen!