Friday, July 13, 2012

Running Away

Yesterday was a fun day of going to the park, riding the park train, going to the fair, riding a few rides, and getting yummy fair treats. It was not a day of cleaning my bathrooms, my floor that is covered with sand (yay new sandbox), and picking up around the house. So today is the day for at least some of that. When Ben woke up this morning he asked me what we were doing today. I explained that since yesterday was a day filled with all sorts of fun things, today would be a cleaning and work day. He stomped his foot and said he didn't want to do work. So back to bed he was sent. He came back a few minutes later declaring that he was running away. I told him that I would miss him terribly. I was nursing Elijah at the time, so when I heard the front door open, I finished up as quickly as I could and went to take a look. He was at the edge of the yard with his pillow, his toothpaste and toothbrush, and a hand towel. He was telling the lady watering the flowers next door that he was running away. I came out and asked if he wanted breakfast before he ran away and he said he better pack some food. So this has been going on all morning and the list of things he needs to take is growing. He just left with his pillow, toothpaste and tooth brush, hand towel. a few toy cars, a coloring book (which he says is a map to Indianapolis), markers and crayons, his steroid cream for his eczema, and a half eaten sucker he's been slowly nibbling away on for over a month. He specifically requested a note from me before he left so he would know how much I loved him. So now running away has turned into more of a game and an adventure and less of a threat. I love my crazy Ben!!!

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