Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Travels to Indiana

Well it's Thursday and I'm finally getting caught up after vacation. Now I need another one. :) So the plan for this summer was to take advantage of the fact that Matt was not in school and have some down time and some time to get a few projects done around here. Two months after graduation and we are finally getting a little down time. Our summer turned busy faster than we realized. But we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Indiana over the 4th of July and had a great time with both our families. It's been a while since we were there in the summer and having a reprieve from the Texas heat was wonderful. Benjamin had a great time with his aunts and uncles and he got to meet his Great Aunt Vicki and his Great Grandma McLane. He was not too fond of the plane trip since he had to be confined to our laps for 2 1/2 hours, but we were very thankful to be able to fly rather than having to drive.

While we were gone Benjamin continued to work on his walking skills and is becoming quite proficient. It's taking me a while to get used to looking up from working in the kitchen or around the house and seeing him standing in the middle of the room or toddling around. I'm not an extremely sentimental person when it comes to milestones. I love to keep track of them, but I don't usually get sad about them. Walking however seems to be different. It's like he's gone from my little baby to my little boy. I love it, but it really makes me realize how fast the time has gone. And realizing how fast the time has gone makes me a little sad. Yet another reminder to treasure each moment and thank God for them.

Matt and I had a fun little date while we were staying at his parents’ house. We took a picnic to Matter Park where we had our first date and where he later proposed. Then we went to IWU and reminisced about dating and engagement. So much fun! We topped it off by going to Ivanhoes – a favorite ice cream place of ours when we were in college. It’s always so much fun to remember how we fell in love. :)

This post has a ton of pictures so be sure to scroll all the way through. Enjoy!
A little unstable, but standing alone
He does well when we walks with something in his hands :)
Playing with the little boy Matt's mom babysits. They had a little duet going on.
Just a cute picture of Grandpa Davis and his grandson
Pushing Great Grandma's walker with some help from Aunt Connie
Out for a walk with Great Grandma Hilliman
One proud Grandpa!
Daddy and Benjamin out for a walk
Fun with the slide at Matter Park
The place where Matt proposed on September 2, 2001 while we were on a picnic

Spending time with Grandpa Anderson
Benjamin loves his Uncle Joel
My whole family went out to eat (18 in all) and I had to take two pictures to get us all in

Matt had some fun with the sparklers
Everyone at once!
Our aspiring little musician
Benjamin loved my parents new little kittie
Swimming in my parents pool and enjoying Benjamin's floatie from our friends Brian and Katie

Meeting Great Grandma McLane
My beautiful mom with her grandson
Already learning to drive. Yikes!
Hanging out with Aunt Abby and Uncle John
He just loves the swings! (and look how green that grass is!)

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