Sunday, July 27, 2008

This and That

Well, apparently I have not been posting enough pictures to satisfy my sister Rachel. :) I was determined not to be one of those moms who takes pictures for the first year and then gets too busy, but this past week was one crazy week. Plus Benjamin is now so active that I have a hard time getting him to be still long enough for a picture. We NEED a video camera! So this past week was Matt's birthday. It was also the week that I decided we had to get cabinet locks on our kitchen cabinets, and that a new washer had to be purchased. Someday I will learn that I can only handle one out of the ordinary project in a week.
So start with the washer. Last week I decided that I was not doing laundry again before we got a new washer. But then the weekend came and went and we did not have time to look for one. So on Tuesday after finding that the diapers needed to be washed, as well as our clothing, I checked out craigslist and made a few calls about some that seemed decent. I found a washer for $100 (a God thing) and we went and took a look. While we were there, the lady and her husband offered to use their truck to deliver the washer to us since we were close by (another God thing). So by Tuesday night we had a washer sitting in our garage.
Enter Wednesday. My goals for this day were to put locks on our cabinets, make a German chocolate cake for my sweet husband's birthday, and get rid of our broken washer. Oh yeah, and I was going to let myself sleep in that day. So the sleeping in part did not happen because Benjamin woke up at 6:30 and Matt was up early looking for something he had lost in our room. I moved on to making the cake. I got a new recipe from our neighbors and something went terribly wrong. The cake did not set up and instead ran all over the oven. So by 9:45 I was ready to go back to bed and start over. But the whole downstairs was filled with a smoky haze and the oven needed to be cleaned, so I pressed on. My next task was to list our washer for free on Craigslist. 30 minutes later I was taking calls in between scrubbing the oven and keeping Benjamin out of trouble. By now the house was almost 90 degrees because I had to open the windows to air it out. By 3:30 pm the washer had been picked up and the oven had been scraped out enough to run the self clean (praise the Lord for giving us an oven with auto clean.) Benjamin had gotten lunch and was down for a nap and I had everything I needed to get the cabinet locks put on while he slept. But of course nothing is as easy as it seems it should be and I drilled a huge hole through the first cabinet as I attempted to install the lock. Now I figured the day couldn't get any crazier, so I just started laughing. I mean what else could I do? I am no handy woman and I managed to get two more locks installed incorrectly before giving up on them. The rest will have to wait for another day when I am feeling brave. :) The best part of the day was using all the muscle I had to help Matt move our new washer upstairs and then turning it on and having it work. Wooohooo! Praise God for His blessings in the midst of our crazy days. So......that's just a glimpse into why I don't have as much time to take cute pictures as I wish I did. But here are a few.
Time to call the fire department
Almost enough air to blow all 28 out
Benjamin is becoming a little helper
So big! Drinking his milk while standing up
You can't really see it, but Benjamin got his first busted lip last night when he fell against the corner of the wall.
Benjamin and his friend Cale hard at play
Bubble time!
Little cuties in their matching onesies
Going for a ride on my legs
Playing with Daddy

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