Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Allergies and Other News

Wow! This past week has been quite a whirlwind. Last Tuesday I took Benjamin to the doctor to see about whether he may have food allergies that may be causing his eczema. She took him off wheat and dairy and we are testing to see if that clears it up. So far, it's working. His legs are not clear, but they are no longer fiery red and he's not scratching them anymore. They seem to be healing and not developing any more breakouts. Praise the Lord. It's been quite interesting trying to come up with things he can eat. He LOVES bread and usually asks for toast first thing in the morning. Then at lunch, he asks for a sandwich. He also has asked several times for pizza and we have to tell him no. And then their is yogurt, which he calls gogurt, which he asks for constantly. Poor thing. He doesn't understand. Unfortunately, we have been way too busy this past week for me to experiment with any baking, and next week I leave for Indiana to visit my sister Rachel, but when I get back, I plan to learn to make a wheat free pizza crust and find some other recipes as well that he will eat. I have purchased a few gluten free mixes and some gluten free bread, but wow they are expensive! But even though it's going to be work to come up with things, I'm so thankful that it seems to be helping.

So, besides allergies, we were blessed this past week to have Matt's family here for a few days and we had a great time! We did some shopping, went to the zoo, took several walks, played some card games, and had a blast playing with Benjamin. He woke up in the mornings asking for Memaw and he and grandpa had a little game where grandpa would say "E I E I O" and Benjamin would echo with "Yi Yi Yo" Too cute! I'm so thankful for my in-laws and it's so fun to watch them be grandma and grandpa to Benjamin! Wearing grandpa's hat

Going to the zoo with grandpa and grandma

Looking at the animals with grandpa
After my last trip to the zoo, I decided that a backpack harness was the way to go. Benjamin wants to be down so he can see all the animals, but he runs so fast that I'm afraid to let him down for long for fear him darting away when one of us isn't looking. So, in this picture, it looks like he is walking grandma. :)
Trying to get into the food to feed the fish

Family Picture

Double Date with Matt's parents
Matt's Mom's birthday as well as his parents 35th anniversary fell over the time they were here, so his dad took us to the Melting Pot (yum!) for dinner. It's always such a fun dining experience!
Throwing the ball down the stairs with grandpa
Out shopping (at Costco of course)
Getting ready for a walk
The walk in action
Getting silly with the stroller
Our driveway has a crazy incline, so we love to hold the stroller at the top and then let it go and catch it at the bottom. Benjamin loves this and wants to do it over and over.
Playing Basketball with grandpa and grandma

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