Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Morning at the Zoo

Last week a friend of mine from church called me and asked if I wanted to go to the zoo. We've lived here over 5 years now and had never been, so I was excited to go. Plus, Benjamin is getting big enough now that he was ready to enjoy it. I think we will be considering a family membership for the future as it's a great deal considering we can go pretty much year round. And I must say, it was a great zoo for kids. Benjamin roared at the bears and got all excited about the birds. He was especially excited about the fish and the fact that all the windows were low enough that he could be right at eye level with them. He kept running from window to window yelling "fish, fish, fish!" He's so funny because I never know when he will be cautious or full speed ahead. With the zoo, he was cautious. Usually about the time we were moving on to the next animal was about the time he was beginning to enjoy looking at them instead of being scared (with the exception of the fish). He was particularly cautious when it came time to go in and see the goats. There was a penned in area where the children could feed the goats (for a fee), or just brush them at no cost. I was actually impressed that Benjamin even went into the penned-in area without prompting. But once he was in, he was pretty scared of the goats. He would see one move and run away, only to realize another one was close by. But after a few minutes, he started to see other kids petting the goats and brushing them, so he grabbed a brush. He would walk up to about 5 feet away from the goat and hold the brush out as far as he could and then back away if the goat actually moved. Then he ventured closer and would hold the brush out just until it touched the goat, then quickly pull it away. I think eventually he would have gotten even braver, but we had to move on. Maybe next time.
Even the lion sculpture was a bit scary for Benjamin at first, but he finally got brave enough to touch this one.
Loving the Fish!

Getting brave with a goat!


Raul and Catie said...

aw how cute! I must say...I miss the zoos in the US (too depressing here :(

Teal said...

Benjamin looks so cute in those plaid shorts! Such a big boy!

ChristaD said...

Sharon, this is so cute. I am glad you and Benjamin had so much fun. We will have to come and visit sometime after we have the kids and they are a bit older. We could have a blast.

Well hope things are going well. Tomorrows the big day.!!!!!