Monday, April 13, 2009

Big Boy

This has been a big weekend for us. I'm not usually one to get teary-eyed over milestones, but I confess I've been close to tears several times the past couple of days as it seems Benjamin is becoming such a little boy and is no longer my little baby. First off, he told me on Saturday that he needed to use the potty. Unfortunately I was unprepared and had not yet purchased a potty seat for our toilet, so he was too scared to actually use the big potty, but it was a milestone none the less. And the second milestone was that Benjamin moved to a toddler bed last night. It's really not a huge change. It's still a crib, just with one side removed, but for some reason he just looked so big getting into his bed by himself and acting like it was no big deal. He stayed in it all night did really well. And when he woke up this morning it seemed like he was talking even more clearly than before and acting so grown up. So this morning as I sat outside and looked at the toys all over the yard and listened to Benjamin making truck noises as he drove his truck up my leg, I was struck once again with how quickly life changes. Two years ago I didn't even know if God would ever allow me to be a mom, and today I'm thanking God for giving me the incredible privilege of being Benjamin's mommy. Life with a toddler is definitely crazy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!


vehementflame said...

wow! I so know what you toddler was just my baby it seems like yesterday- and now I have another baby who is growing so fast....and my son is up past my neck already- and he is still my baby too!!! sniff sniff....they grow too quickly. How is little Benjamin's eczema doing??? My baby just came dwn with a case of it on her torso- it is frightening!!! I have been applying evening primose oil and borage oil an it clears it up- they are both high in GLA- which heals it.You can buy them both at mt rose herbs.

Davis Family said...

Benjamin's eczema is doing better, but he still seems to be having flare ups every now and then. I'm planning to take him to an actual allergist as soon as I can find one. I'll have to check out the primrose and borage oils though. Thanks for the info!

vehementflame said...

After doing some reading I decided to do a dairy free diet for a few weeks for myself- she is still exclusivly breast fed- apparantly milk is a huge contributer to infant eczema- if that is the cause then she sholud get all better in a few weeks- I know you tried an elimination diet with Benjamin- did you figure out anything from that??? I am thankful that we have a very wonderful allergist!!!