Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Help! My Son Said a Bad Word!

One of the funniest things about Benjamin learning to talk is that sometimes what he is trying to say comes out very different than the way it should. His latest word is chip. Since Corn chips are something he can have even with his allergies, we often send them to church nursery for him to have instead of crackers, take them to restaurants, etc. He also has a Disney book based off of Beauty and the Beast in which Chip is hiding from Belle on each page and Benjamin loves to find him. But alas, this word comes out backwards, without the "ch" and pluralized. We went out to eat this past weekend and took food for Benjamin, including some corn chips. He dropped one on the floor and as we were leaving the restaurant he saw it and pointed it out very loudly. We left quickly, hoping no one was staring. Then today I went to the grocery store to get some things and went down the chip aisle. I never usually go down this aisle, but we are getting away this weekend and I just felt like something fun and munchy for our trip. As I wandered down the aisle trying to decide on what to get, Benjamin kept saying "chips, chips, chips!" Except of course it did NOT sound like chip. I'm pretty sure the lady stocking candy across the aisle must have either been chuckling, or thinking I was a terrible mother. Meanwhile, I don't know whether to correct him loudly (which I actually did about 10 times), or let the laughter I'm feeling on the inside come out and let the lady in the aisle really think I'm setting a terrible example for my son. But let me tell you, while I may have refrained from laughing in the store, I'm getting it out now while I type. :)

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