Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Precious Naptime Moment

I was laying in Benjamin's bed this afternoon before his nap and we were just talking about this and that. Then he kept saying "go supper." I kept repeating it after him and he kept looking at me like "what are you talking about?" We always say dinner rather than supper, so I really couldn't figure him out, but he kept on repeating it. Finally he said, "go supper, sheep." I said "Oh, the shepherd takes care of the sheep?" He said, "yeah, good shepherd, sheep, ummmm, MOPS, ummmm, cookies, ummmm, Good Shepherd." I asked him if he learned that God is our shepherd when he was at MOPS yesterday and he said yeah. Amazing. Tears came into my eyes as I realized that he is truly beginning to remember and comprehend what he learns about the Lord. So precious! I'm so thankful for a church where what we are teaching him at home is being reinforced.

Oh yes, and he loves the cookies at MOPS too!

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