Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Benjamin Funnies

I really need to be better about writing all these down, but here are a few little funnies from today.

-Benjamin was singing Jesus Loves Me this morning and sang "They are sweet but He is strong."

-While playing duplos this morning, we were making a house and Benjamin said his little duplo man was having breakfast. When I asked what he was eating, he said "cakepans." (pancakes)

-We have been totally spoiled by having Matt home for lunch just about every day since we moved. Benjamin looks forward to it, but as soon as Matt gets home and is half way through lunch, Benjamin starts telling him "bye bye, see you later." Before Matt goes back to work, he usually brushes his teeth and sometimes blows his nose. (I know, who cares?) So today when Matt told Benjamin that it wasn't quite time for him to go back to work yet, Benjamin said "you have to get your boogers daddy?" He's so observant of our routines!!

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