Friday, February 4, 2011

Iced In

I find it quite humorous that we lived in Texas for almost seven years and then the first winter we are back home, we have the worst winter in years. Although from what I've heard, Texas is getting a pretty bad one this year too.

The freezing rain started Monday night and later turned to ice, continuing through Tuesday night. We never did get much more than a dusting of snow though and our building only lost power for a little more than an hour. Compared to much of the city, we were blessed. It's officially been four days since I've ventured beyond our parking lot. I'm such a wimp when it comes to driving in winter snow, so driving on potentially icy roads terrifies me.

Matt had two days off, which was also a huge blessing since my body decided it was time to get sick and I was worthless for two days. But yesterday was a fun day of hanging out inside doing crafts, baking, reading, playing, dancing to music, and enjoying the pretty sunshine from the indoors. We did make it outside for a little while, but everything was so slick that Ben kept falling and I came close several times.

I did finally remember to take a few pictures!
 Puzzles are best when done in your bathrobe
 Benjamin and I made cinnamon raisin bread. mmmmm!
 Time for some honey butter
 Now for the cinnamon and raisins
 He was so proud of his bread
 This picture doesn't capture it well, but the trees looked like crystals yesterday!
 Ben couldn't stay on his feet and ended up having to crawl back to the door
 The bushes behind our building
The side yard beside our building is a solid sheet of ice

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