Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Blessing

I think my camera has taken a vacation. Perhaps it has decided that if it can't photograph sunny warm things, it might as well not photograph at all. Or, it could just be that I never remember to actually use it.

Today is an exciting day! We have officially made it through what in my opinion is the worst month of the year if you live in winter weather land. Once we hit February, it feels like we are on the downhill slide toward Spring. Woohoo! But it doesn't look like January is going out without leaving her mark. We are expecting a major ice and then snow storm in the next few days that will probably mean not leaving the house again until Thursday. You can bet Benjamin and I will be doing some major reading, crafting, baking, and playing. Maybe I'll even take some pictures. :-)

This past weekend was a fun one for Ben (and for me). He got to attend his very first friend birthday party. MOPS is not a big thing around here, but there is a very small group that meets once a month and I decided to join it. I've only gone to one meeting, but it's been such a blessing and Ben has really hit it off with a couple of the boys. One of the boys had his birthday party and Ben got invited. After almost a year of feeling pretty unconnected, it was amazing to be there watching Ben really interact with some other boys and to get to have some comfortable conversations with other moms at the same time. This past year has been such a season of loneliness and this weekend felt so normal and fun. God is good whether I'm lonely or not, but I'm thankful for His blessings of new friends.

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Just Believing said...

Thatis so great about the bday party and you enjoying the group too! Faith hasn't been to one out here ( sad face) we just haven't connected with anyone in that way yet but I am so happy you found a nice small group to enjoy!