Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Adoption Day!

For some reason this week has been a week of stepping back and really looking at Benjamin. I mean, I see him every day, but sometimes I just go through life with him and don't think about how big he's getting. But a couple of days ago we were sitting on the couch reading a stack of books and he and Matt were carrying on this very adult-like conversation about one of them and it just hit me that he is not at all a baby anymore. He's just so grown up. He's getting so independent and wants to do everything himself. He even made his own PB&J this week. I was blown away.

So today we are celebrating his third adoption day. Ben and I spent an hour this morning looking through pictures from our first time of meeting Olana, his birth, his first few months after birth, and pictures of his finalization. He's starting to ask more questions about adoption now. He's still very much at the age where he just takes it in stride like it's no big deal. I love the little ways he's grasping it all and I love getting to share the way that God brought him into our family. Today as we were looking through pictures of his placement ceremony, he was asking me if we were sad. I still cannot look through those pictures without getting emotional. So I tried to explain to him how much Olana loved him and how she chose us to be his parents, but that it broke her heart not to be able to be his mommy. Just explaining it all to him makes me so amazed at the strength it took for Olana to make and follow through with her decision. I am so blessed to be able to be Ben's mommy.

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