Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Recap

Well I'm a week late, but Happy New Year!!!
We enjoyed some great family time and times of rest over Christmas this year. This was the first year since Ben's first Christmas that we got to be with family and it was so much fun! This was also Matt's and my first year to stay up late putting together a Christmas present for Ben. I think we were a little crazy given that we are in an apartment with limited space, but we got him a train table and so far, it's been a hit. And while it was not Ben's first snow, it was his very first white Christmas and it was beautiful.
Christmas morning started off in our bed with the Christmas story. Then we ate a quick breakfast of cinnamon rolls and egg bake before heading to the living room for gifts. This may be the last year we can hold Ben off that long. As a kid I always remember hating it when we had to eat breakfast before we opened gifts. Haha! After having fun opening gifts from each other, we cleaned up a bit and headed to my parents' for Christmas #2. It was so fun to be close enough to spend Christmas morning at home as a family and then the afternoon with my family.
The day after Christmas, Matt and I headed to Indy with my sister and her husband to see Wicked. Matt and I had the opportunity to see it in San Antonio and we loved it so much we wanted Craig and Rachel to see it too. Grandma was kind enough to watch the boys so we could all go. Although it made for a crazy day after Christmas, it was lots of fun!

Monday we headed up to see Matt's parents and had a great time at their house. It's been quite a while since both his siblings were there at the same time we were, so it was fun to visit and to get to see our crazy cute little nieces. We had gift opening #3 at their house and can I just say that I had to go out and purchase totes to store all the new toys Ben got? But I'm grateful for all of them. He's had such a great time playing with all of them.
We came back home Thursday afternoon and got to have a few days to relax as a family and also catch up on some things before heading back into normal routine. I'm pretty sure I am spoiled forever by Matt having so much holiday time off.

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Just Believing said...

aw i love it! Lo ve how he loved the train table and what great pictures I love all those smiles :)