Monday, November 7, 2011

October Travels

I think after a week of being home, we are finally recovered and caught up on sleep from all of our October travels. We were so blessed to be able to be gone for just over two weeks and enjoyed the refreshment of time away as a family. We got to see some great friends in Kansas and Texas and also got to see some of Ben's birth family. It was a great trip. We were definitely ready to be home in our own beds by the end of two weeks, but even the time in the car was mostly enjoyable. We listened to lots of books on tape, played travel Bingo, colored with Ben in the back seat, and got annoyed with each other a few times. :-) Ben watched a few movies and was in heaven getting to watch way more than he normally does. And while we were gone, my belly finally really popped out! It's so much fun to be big enough now that people who don't know I'm pregnant can tell. I felt pretty good through most of the trip. My back was not appreciative of all the car time and I had a few times of travel food not sitting well with me, but other than that, I think it all went great. Little man is kicking stronger and even making my belly move sometimes. It's amazing!

 23 weeks

 We stopped in Omaha first for Matt's conference. It was freezing cold, but Ben and I got out and found these awesome slides a few blocks from our hotel. Matt joined us later and that's him at the top of the slide.
 We had such a great time with our friends Brian and Katie and their son. Ben and Cale played hard just about every minute we were with them.
 Yay for great friends!
 Dinner out with Bert, Tina, Eric and Jamie
 We spent an afternoon in downtown San Antonio and had to splurge on freshly made guacamole from Boudros. Mmmmm. I sure do miss good avocados!!
 Ben did super well with all the hours of driving. We had a fun little surprise for him for each long day and I think it made it a little more fun for him. I picked up some animals at the dollar store and they were a huge hit.
 Ben was so excited to get to help daddy wash the windows!
Our last stop before beginning the drive home was El Paso. We had a great time visiting Ben's birth grandma and great grandma.


Katherine said...

You look wonderful Sharon! I am still so excited for you! I cant wait to meet the little guy!

Amy T. S. said...

I love the pictures of Ben and his birth family! And you look amazing!