Friday, March 23, 2012

Picture Update

Little Man is asleep and the house is a wreck. I should be cleaning instead of blogging, but procrastination is so much more fun. I seem to go in spurts of remembering to take pictures. I forget for a few days, and then remember and take 75 pictures in one day. So here are a few pictures of my boys.

 Sleeping Peacefully
 Our power was out for several hours one day last week, so I used it as a good excuse to finish off the ice cream in the freezer. It was going to go bad you know. Ben enjoyed his to the very last drop.
 We had a great time with Matt's parents last weekend when they visited.
 Eyes totally focused on Daddy

 I adore baby feet
 Love the contrast between baby hand and daddy hand
 So sweet!
 You wouldn't know it, but this is the middle of March and we were outside in shorts and T-shirts. Amazing!

 Ben loves to play tag
I went to visit my grandma this week. I love this picture of her holding the sweet sleepy Elijah.

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