Wednesday, October 10, 2012

School Funnies

I have so much catching up to do and way too many pictures to go through for posts, but today I just had to post a little tidbit from our day of homeschooling. Ben and I started a unit on nests this week and we were talking about how birds take care of their babies. Our Bible lesson was about God taking care of us. So one of the verses we read was Psalm 91:14-15. After reading it to Ben, I began explaining how he could call out to God whenever he was afraid or in trouble and God would answer him and keep him safe. He has a pretty intense fear of dogs, so I told him he could remember these verses whenever he was around a dog. Ben looked at me for a minute and I thought he was about to comment on the verse or concepts we were learning, but instead he says "Mommy, why does gas come out of me?" Followed by "Will we have gas in heaven?" And that's the mind of a five year old boy for you!

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