Monday, September 23, 2013

A Year of Catch Up

Not that anyone is reading this anymore, but wow, I can't believe I've let almost a whole year go by without posting. Life is so busy sometimes and I'm just not taking the time to record it like I want to. But looking back over this little blog reminds me that I love seeing all the memories it has kept for us. Unfortunately, I have to actually write them for the blog to keep them.

So here we go. The past year in a nutshell. Ben played outdoor soccer for the first time and had a blast! I got a fun inspiration from Pinterest and stuck Elijah in a pumpkin for some fun pictures. We traveled to KS to visit our friends Brian and Katie. We traveled to Ohio to visit Matt's sister and her husband and kids. We had our first Christmas with two kiddos. So. Much. Fun.! We endured yet another winter in Indiana that made me wonder why on earth we moved back here from Texas. We celebrated one year of life for Elijah. He is a total delight in our family and we are so blessed! We were excited to have a week and a half escape from the yuck of winter when we traveled to Florida for Matt's work and a family vacation. We spent Easter with my sister and her family in Fort Wayne. We finally started doing some things to our yard to make it feel more like home. Tons of mulch, four trees, and some new bushes and landscaping. We finished up homeschooling Ben for kindergarten. It was a tough year, but he learned to read some short words and sentences.We prayed and prayed and finally decided to send Ben to school for first grade. We enjoyed a rather cool summer with a short anniversary getaway from Matt and me, strawberry picking, Celebrating six wonderfully blessed years of Ben's life, blueberry picking, trips to the farmer's market, lots of family walks, a couple of hikes, a day trip to St. Louis, a trip to Holiday World with most of my siblings, fun in the backyard kiddie pool and the sandbox, and a visit from my brother Will. School started five weeks ago and Ben has adjusted slowly. He's doing well now and his reading is improving quickly. And while he still wishes work were optional, he's catching on and doing much better. It's been strange being home with just Elijah, but we are falling into routine and it's been really good.

There is no way I can play catch up with pictures from the last year, but I have to post a few from the highlight moments. 

Ben was excited about soccer!

 My little pumpkin

 Sweet brothers

 Happy First Birthday!

 Sanibel Island

 Easter 2013

 Happy little mess maker

 Homeschool - butterfly unit

 Backyard pool fun

These boys could live in the sandbox
 First day of First Grade!

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