Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Picking Apples

I used to say that fall was my very favorite season. It still is in many ways. I hate to say good-bye to the simplicity of summer shorts and flip flops and the daylight that lasts from early morning until way late at night, but I love the cool crisp mornings, the colorful mums, the pumpkins and straw bales lining front porches, the changing leaves, and the apples. Oh how I love the apples! We have a couple of orchards not too far from us and this year was the first year that one of them offered U-Pick. I had visions of us picking baskets of apples in every variety and it being an entire morning's activity. But it turned out that you could pay $10 for a 1/2 peck bag and get a $2 credit for the store. And there were only two varieties of apples available for picking. So, we paid for two bags and headed out to pick. The apples were huge, so it didn't take long to fill our two bags. Despite the picking being over almost as soon as we started, the boys had a great time, and we got some cute pictures. We bought  two other types of apples from the store and have been in apple heaven every since. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we will be set for the year. Ha!

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