Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Playing Outside

We have had some super hot days here lately, but Benjamin continues to love being outside. I remember loving to play in the dirt when I was a kid. My mom never seemed to mind my getting dirty - or at least she never said so if she did. She just let me play hard and then I got cleaned up when it was over. So now that Benjamin is crawling around, he wants to play in the dirt too. He will find the only muddy spot in our yard and sit in it to play. The other day I was out planting a flower. Benjamin was happily playing over by our tree (which has dirt at its foot). The next thing I hear is a splash as he crawled over to his pool and climbed right in. So then his dirty shirt was covered in mud. After that, I figured nothing else mattered. He was having fun, so I let him get completely covered in dirt before we went in to clean up. He loved it!

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