Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Loving the Library

This morning I took Benjamin to Toddler Time at our library. I took him once to Storytime at a different branch when he was about 6 months old, but he was not really interested. Then when I tried to get back to it this past summer, I found that it was not being held again until the fall. It started up again last week, but we missed it because we were recovering from our trip to the coast. So we started today. It was so much fun! We did little games with motions and songs with motions, then they read some books and had an activity and a craft. I was pretty impressed. Benjamin just loved it. They had these big balls out when we first got there and he marched right in and started playing. He didn't do super well sitting still in my lap when it was time to read the stories, but hopefully he will get better at that. I wish I would have thought to take my camera to the library with me, but here is a picture of what we colored while we were there. Benjamin hasn't quite gotten the hang of coloring and would much prefer to eat the crayons, but he's learning and he did do some of it by himself.
OK, well no matter how I turn this picture in Picasa, it won't come out right side up here, but it's his first masterpiece none the less. :)

I was trying to get him to hold up his picture, but it didn't work.

Then he held it up, but wanted me to take it. :)

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