Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm not totally sure what all the Lord is trying to teach us at this point in our lives, but one thing I know for sure that is that I need to learn to depend on Him and Him alone. My car has been acting up for the last couple of months and we have taken it in several times and poured way too much money into repairs. This weekend the check engine light came on yet again and Matt and I decided that maybe it was time to think about temporarily going to one car until we could save up enough money for another. Then last night, Matt and I went out to celebrate the completion of my half marathon and his first section of the CPA exam and when we came out of the restaurant to come home, Matt's car was completely dead. We got a jump from mall security and prayed all the way home that we would not die on the highway. Then this morning it was dead again in the garage. So now we have one dead car and one unreliable one. Back to the dependence thing. It's amazing what I depend on in this world to meet my needs. I want so badly to be able to trust the Lord completely and yet when things like this happen, my first reaction is panic. Ouch. So I was reading the Living Proof blog today and came across This Post. Suddenly I feel like our cars are red balloons and I'm praising the Lord for giving me some new perspective. Boy do I have a lot to learn!

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