Thursday, July 9, 2009

Party Time!!!

Well, I have certainly been a slacker in the blogging department lately. I can't believe I've waited more than a week to blog about Benjamin's birthday.

This year was such a fun year because Benjamin began to really understand that we were celebrating him. We talked about his birthday for several days beforehand and he woke up in the mornings saying "birtday?" I am loving this stage of him just beginning to put things together. He no longer says words just to copy us, but is really starting to understand what they mean. We celebrated Benjamin's birthday with our friends Brian and Katie and their son Cale. Benjamin was SO excited about having Cale come over and talked about it all day long. When Matt got home from work that night before Cale got to our house, Benjamin was pretty disappointed that it was not Cale walking in the door.

I think one of Benjamin's favorite parts of the day was when he finally got to get his hands on his cake. I found a delicious gluten free cake recipe that uses "Pamela's Gluten Free Baking and Pancake Mix" as well as a few other ingredients and it was very tasty. But more important to Benjamin than the taste was the fact that it had rescue vehicles on it. He is totally in love with all types of vehicles and was pretty upset when I was making the cake and he couldn't have the trucks right then. So as soon as he blew out his candles (video coming at some point) he was quick to pull off the trucks!

During the day for Benjamin's birthday, I wanted it to be a special time too, so Benjamin and I went to Toys R Us where he is signed up for the birthday club and got to pick out a free toy. He of course picked matchbox cars. Then we went out to lunch before heading to Barnes and Noble to play with their awesome train set in the kids area. And then, because he is only two, we headed home for a much needed nap. :)

Stay tuned for Birthday celebration number 2 after our upcoming trip to Indiana.
The Fire Truck Cake!

Birthday Decor
This was so cute. Right before we were getting ready to pray, we told Benjamin and Cale to hold hands and they did.
Hat is on, he's ready to party!
Showing off his favorite part of the cake - the firetrucks!
Little Cutie!

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Teal said...

That cake is awesome! I can't believe you decorated it yourself...well done mommy!!!