Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

This year our Christmas was once again just the three of us and we had a pretty quiet day of relaxing as a family. We started off the day with Benjamin coming into bed with us and reading the Christmas story out of his Bible. Then we played with his "baby Jesus" set and cuddled. I loved that part because it's so rare that he actually cuddles. It didn't last long, so we got ready and headed downstairs to open presents. Benjamin was so excited when he saw all the presents. He'd been asking to go to Christmas for so long that I don't think he knew what to do with it finally being here. He went right to town on his stocking. Normally we don't let him have a lot of sugar because it makes him super hyper, and well, it's just not good for him, but we decided that for Christmas day we would indulge him. After a day of that, we may never do it again, but he sure enjoyed the candy from his stocking and had to have a little over everything as he opened it. Nothing like candy to make a breakfast of champions. When we finally got to the presents, Benjamin wanted to open them all. It was hard for him to understand that a few of them were actually not for him. He got blocks, trucks, books, a bike, and a few other things as well. He was certainly one happy kid! I love watching him throw his all into things like that. He just gets so excited!

One funny thing...I got a pair of slippers and some fun soft and cozy socks from Matt for Christmas. Benjamin helped daddy shop for me and was pretty excited about the socks. So when he got home from shopping he told me about them. So, I was pretty sure I was getting some socks. When I opened them, the first thing Benjamin said was "my socks." He loves anything soft, and really wanted my socks and slippers. I now have to hide them if I want to know where they are. Silly boy!

The first thing he said when he got to a new treat was "please open it."
yum!!! Gummies on a stick
Tons of trucks!

Showing off the new monster trucks he got from Grandma and Grandpa Anderson
Playing with it all after the presents were opened
Building with the blocks he got from his birth great grandma Dolores and birth grandma Laura

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