Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life with a Boy

Here is just a glimpse of my life with a two year old boy. I'm pretty sure that cars around here have a life of their own and end up in every corner of every room and even sometimes in a few unexpected places. Like when I was making pizza dough and Benjamin was up helping. I turned away from the mixer to put some things away and suddenly my mixer started making a horrible noise. I panicked because my sister just got me that mixer for Christmas and I thought maybe it was broken. I rushed over and looked inside the bowl only to discover that it was Benjamin's truck clunking around with the dough. And then there is the nativity set that I still haven't put away because Benjamin love playing with it so much. I often find him giving Mary ride to the stable in style and I'm pretty sure Joseph will never be going back to the donkey again after driving this thing. I love being mom to a boy!!!

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Teal said...

I love the pics of Mary and Joseph in the truck...that is priceless! You should print it out, frame it and display it at Christmas time!!! So cute!