Friday, June 8, 2012


A few years ago, we decided that for our tenth anniversary, we wanted to go to Hawaii. We've been saving ever since. But then God had an amazing surprise for us in the baby department and since I am currently a nursing mom, we decided to postpone Hawaii until we can go just the two of us. But we still wanted to get away. So Matt's parents were kind enough to let Ben stay with them for a few days and we spent a long weekend in Chicago. We shopped, relaxed, ate lots of good food, and spent an afternoon downtown. Traveling with a three month old is always interesting, but we felt refreshed despite the constraints of a nursing schedule.
 Elijah spent quite a bit of time in our Kozy carrier while we walked.
 Taking our own picture at Millennium Park.

 Dipping Elijah's toes in the water at the fountain in Millennium Park

 Stopping for photos in front of some beautiful rose bushes

 While we were walking to the restaurant we ate at for dinner, we saw this beach and I just had to stop and get Elijah's (and my) feet in the sand.
I bought this hat while we were shopping. I just couldn't resist! :-)

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