Monday, June 11, 2012

The First Roll Over

We have been so busy these past few months with moving and settling, and of course, caring for two little boys instead of just one, that I feel like I have not done a good job of keeping track of Elijah's firsts. First laugh was for my sister Rachel on May 5th. His laughter is still pretty rare, but he's doing it more and more.

Another first for him was rolling over. Elijah hates tummy time and is usually pretty upset within a minute or two of being put on his tummy. But on May 26th, he was in a pretty good mood, so I put him down and grabbed the camera. I was so glad I had it, because he rolled from his tummy to his back.

Of course, mean mommy that I am, I put him back on his tummy after he rolled over and I caught this sweet face.

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