Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to Indiana again!

We are finally home again, hopefully to stay for at least a good month. Today I am attempting to play catch up and get back in routine. But when you have been out of routine for over two weeks, it's hard to remember what routine really is. So we're taking it slowly.
We had a good visit to Indiana and enjoyed getting to see everyone again. Beka improved greatly in just a few days and was released from the hospital last Monday. God was merciful in allowing her such a quick recovery. From not knowing if she would make it through the night Thursday night, to seeing her chatting away with my sister Abby on Monday night. It's so good to see her getting healthy again. My family is still in the stage of figuring out how much insulin her body needs to control her blood sugar on a daily basis and each meal involves precise carbohydrate calculation, so please keep praying for their adjustment. But we are praising God for allowing Beka to get to the hospital in time for her life to be saved and for there not to be any long term damage.

While we were gone, I decided to put gluten back in Benjamin's diet just to see what would happen. Within just a few days, his eczema got worse and his eyes got all gunky. (is that a word?) So, I pulled gluten again and his eyes have been clear and his facial breakout is gone. Guess we won't be adding that back in again anytime soon. So, my plan now is to come up with some healthier gluten free baked goods for Benjamin to eat. Seems like most gluten free items aren't all that nutritious, so I will be experimenting with quinoa and amaranth flour as soon as I get a grain mill. And, since his birthday is coming up, I will be attempting my first gluten free cake.

And speaking of Benjamin, he is getting more and more clear in his talking. His favorite word right now seems to be "big." In fact, he puts it in front of everything. This past Sunday, I had a necklace on the table and Benjamin picked it up. I told him to put it down because it was mommy's and he proceeded to hand it to me and say "mommy's, BIG mommy's. Guess that necklace was very much mine. :) Today I had the radio on and they were playing Audio Adrenaline's "Big House" song and Benjamin loved it. He kept saying "big, big yard" over and over. Way too much fun!
Beka before all the tubes were taken out and while she was still semi-unconscious
Beka getting ready to go

Me with my sweet sisters Abby and Beka
posing with her flowers
Beka and Abby right before Beka was released
Running around barefoot on the soft Indiana grass
Hanging out with the uncles and aunts
Sitting up at the counter all by himself
Waiting for breakfast. Notice the cars on the table - he could hardly go anywhere without some of these in his hands or by his side
Silly Boy!
Swinging on the swings with Uncle Joel


vehementflame said...

I am thankful she is doing better. what a scary ordeal! she is so cute! I am glad you were able to pinpoint B's allergy. I have seen on ther blogs that people have sucess with coconut flour cakes- check out Nourishing Days website- she doesn't eat grains at all and has some pretty tasty recipes!

G & H said...

Beka looks truly amazing! God is so good! Love all the pictures of your "big" boy :) Just using his words :) He's adorable!!!!

Symon Burton said...

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