Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Few Random Things I Love Right Now

I love it when Benjamin walks up to me and notices a scratch or bite and says "you OK?"

I love hearing Benjamin on his play phone talking to grandma, Uncle Joel, Aunt Melody, Aunt Esther, his friend Christy, his friend Cale, and who knows who else. I love hearing him speaking in gibberish like he's asking a question and then quickly following it up with "Yeah."

I love hearing Benjamin walk around saying "yes daddy, yes daddy." One day he will do it when Matt asks him to do something, but for now, he just likes to say it randomly.

I love that all of our adoption paperwork is officially in and that God has been so faithful today in giving me a heart of contentment.

I love that I went to Walmart last week and one of my very favorite hair products that I thought was discontinued was back on the shelf after more than a year of not being there. (I said random didn't I?)

I love that a coworker of Matt's just gave us a bunch of clothes for Benjamin and they are super cute! I love how God has provided so amazingly in the area of clothes for Benjamin ever since his birth.

I love that when I'm out driving and passing stores or roads to turn on, Benjamin is in the back saying "go in there? go in there?"

I love being a mom and can't believe sometimes how blessed I am to be Benjamin's mom. Some days are really hard, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I love my man!

I love Jesus and I love how He's drawing me closer to Himself right now.

OK, I know that was a random post, but I just felt kinda random today. I promise I will post pictures again soon. I had dead batteries in the camera for several days and then I keep forgetting to take pictures.

Oh yes, and we went to McDonalds today so Benjamin could play on their awesome play area and I bought us some french fries so I wouldn't feel guilty about letting him play. I love that now he's on the floor telling his truck all about french fries.

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Teal said...

I love the randomness!!!