Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's for Grils (Girls)!

How does the saying go? "Monkey see monkey do?" Well, here's my little monkey attempting to imitate his mommy. Benjamin loves to watch me put on make-up and we have little conversations about what I'm doing and most of those sentences end with him asking to do it too. My response is always "no, it's only for girls." So, when I came upon him in the bathroom looking like this and asked him what he was doing, his response was "it's for grils (a.k.a. girls)." Just need to figure out a way to get that head knowledge to kick in and affect the actions. But for now, I just get to laugh, give some stern instruction, and take some really cute pictures.
The new use for mascara. Who knew???
Please admire the beautiful artwork on the toilet lid. Title: Mascara a la Toilette


Raul and Catie said...

heehee :) Raul and I got a kick out of this ;)

Just Believing said...

Oh goodness that is just to cute!