Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, we are still (or should I say I am still) having trouble staying healthy, but in between being sick, I finally tried my hand at making sauerkraut last week. Other than making a pretty big mess, it was really pretty easy and it tastes great! Matt says it doesn't taste like any he's had before, and this is my first experience with it, but we both like it. I actually think it tastes kind of like pickled cabbage. When I'm not sick with a stomach bug (which I have been twice in the last week - two different kinds,) I've been really enjoying having it on my salads. I think it would also be good with some kind of roast. Those are typically not my specialty as I'm not a huge beef person, so sometime I will get brave enough to try making one to have some kraut with. Anyway, the recipe for the kraut was super easy. I used the Nourishing Traditions book directions and shredded one head of cabbage. I added 6 T of whey (I had a big head of cabbage), 1 T salt, and 1 T caraway seeds. Then I pounded it until the juices began to come out of it. I packed it in two quart jars and set it on the counter for 3 days. I was a little surprised by how much it expanded during the fermentation, but I guess that meant it was doing it's thing. Now I'm feeling a little braver and want to try fermenting some other things.

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Raul and Catie said...

wow! how cool Sharon! the German side of my family loves sauerkraut and we have it every new year's day with a pork roast. I introduced it to Raul this year...he's still getting used to it ;) I've never tried it homemade before. it looks good though!