Friday, February 27, 2009


The past couple of months have been so much fun as Benjamin's vocabulary has increased. He is continually learning new words and often we are amazed when we realize he actually understands what he's saying. As I drive around town, I hear from the back seat "mane" (plane), "bus," "car," and sometimes "cutch," which means truck. He will also point out every car dealership that has balloons flying over their lot. If it's night, he points out the moon and the starts and the lights. It's so fun to hear his chatter. The funny ones lately have been whenever we go to the grocery store and he sees a man with long hair or a beard. He yells out "Jesus!" And how do you explain to an insistent almost 20 month old that the man with long hair is not Jesus? I am thrilled that he gets so excited about Jesus, but we obviously still have some learning to do. Another funny thing is that he has started saying "I know." He is not saying it because he wants me to know he knows something, but rather in imitation of me. Often when I'm talking on the phone and someone tells me something I can relate to, I say "I know." And immediately in the background, I hear his little voice saying "I know." Too funny! And the very latest is actually not really words, but it was still funny. We went to the zoo yesterday and they have this little inside area with all kinds of toys. Benjamin found a toy phone and put it to his ear and began jabbering. But as he jabbered, he paced over to the window, jabbered a bit, then paced back and jabbered some more. He continued this several times and it cracked me up. I guess I must do this when I talk on the phone. This could be scary. I wonder what other habits I have that I'll be finding out about as I see them in him. :)

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ChristaD said...

This blog is super cute. I cannot wait to see Benjamin again. He is growing up way to fast. I had to laugh that he calls older men with longer hair and beards Jesus though. Absolutely hilarious. You guys must be having a blast. I love you and miss you all. Will blog again soon about some more recent experiences in my life. Wishing you the best!