Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A House Full of Sickies

Well, It's been over a week so I'm feeling the need to post something, but unfortunately I have been neglecting the camera, so no fun Benjamin pictures this week. :(

This whole winter I have been congratulating our family on its ability to avoid sickness for the most part. (Benjamin did have a fever for two days in December.) I should have known better than to think that we could avoid contracting anything. Matt got it first and it brought him home early from work and made him pretty miserable for a little over a week. Then Benjamin got the coughing and nasty nose thing and then over the weekend he was up all night and had a fever. Now it's my turn. I've been in denial the past two days, but today there is no denying it. This momma is sick. My poor to-do list is getting semi-neglected and we are taking it a little slower this week. So hopefully by next week I will have taken a few pictures to share. And, I'll share our yummy pizza recipe.


vehementflame said...

I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better sonn. Get some rest!

ChristaD said...

Sorry to hear that you guys aren't feel well. I am sure that it has to be hard with a little one to take care of. You guys are in my thoughts, and I hope you feel better soon. Love you!