Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mayhem in the Kitchen

So yesterday I was determined to be organized (I normally don't like cooking on the weekends), and make a casserole to set on time bake for Sunday lunch. Not only that, but we made hamburgers, beats over salad, and yogurt smoothies for lunch. (and by the way, thank you to vehement flame for the suggestion for cooking beets. DELICIOUS!) So anyway, my kitchen looked like it had exploded by mid-afternoon and my sweet husband was washing dishes while I de-boned my chicken and prepared my casserole. All was going along well and we were talking about how ready we were to get out of the kitchen when I got out my casserole dish and set it on the stove to wait until I had everything ready to go in it. The problem was that I had just finished cooking the rice and had left the burner on without realizing it and set my casserole dish on the hot burner. Matt described the show as spectacular. I didn't see it, but the sound nearly scared me to death. I'm praising the Lord that Benjamin happened to be inside the cabinet playing when it happened. Otherwise he would probably have been cut pretty bad with where he was playing. My foot was hurting pretty bad, but I didn't see anything wrong until a puddle of blood (sorry for those of you who may be squeamish) started forming around my foot. Even I was grossed out by it. The saddest part for me was that my freshly de-boned chicken, my broccoli, and my homemade mushroom soup were all uncovered and had to be thrown away since there were glass shards all around them. I nearly cried. I HATE de-boning chicken. The good news was that my kitchen had been in desperate need of a good cleaning for a few weeks and I just hadn't gotten around to doing it. But in order to clean all the glass up, we had to move the stove and fridge out and clean everything thoroughly. So needless to say, we just got back from eating out for Sunday dinner. :)
Yep, those red spots on the floor are my blood. Ewwww!


Joel said...

Wow! I'd have to say that I probably would have agreed with Matt's description. (I can almost picture it happening) I'm so glad that Benjamin was in the cabinet. That could have been a very ugly situation. Hey! At least something good came of it. You have a clean kitchen now! :P

vehementflame said...

I am so thankful the baby wasn't hurt! How scary! I'm glad you liked the beets.

Teal said...

I have just caught up on all your posts...I can only imagine your frustration with the ruined dinner...but at least you learned a lesson:) Thanks also for all the precious videos!