Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You Know you live in Texas when...

It's January 2nd and your son is playing in the sprinkler!

OK, well it was actually only 72, which is a little chilly for the sprinkler, but you also know you live in Texas when your grass is dying because of lack of rain and you have to water it on January 2nd. I turned the sprinkler on in the back and proceeded to the front with Benjamin to pull some of the weeds that were taking over our yard. Since we don't have much of a front yard, keeping Benjamin away from the street was a bit of a challenge. So eventually I opened the back gate and let him into the back to play while I finished up. But, I totally forgot about the sprinkler and a few minutes later when I finished and went to the back, there he was, enjoying himself thoroughly. At least it was a warmish day!

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