Friday, January 9, 2009

Nourishing New Years Resolutions

I just love having a new year in front of me. I love that feeling of a fresh start to life. I love to think of God and how He is not bound by time and never needs a fresh start, but I think He knows that we do. And so as this year gets started (and is already passing far too quickly), I thought I would share a few of my goals for the year.

I struggle with health related goals because I get so excited about a new thing and put my whole being into it only to get tired after a couple of weeks and decide it's not worth the effort. But this year is my fresh start and I really want to stick to the plan. So, here are my goals:

-Cut out refined sugar and flour from our diets completely
-Dessert only once a week made with healthy flours, sweeteners, and fats
-Find ways to include more variety of vegetables in our meals. (get outside the box of carrots, peppers, celery, and lettuce) On this one, we tried eggplant this week and well, I just cannot stand the texture of it, so I will continue my search for other varieties. This will also include learning about what vegetables are in season at particular times in Texas and eating what's in season.
-Learn about cultured veggies and hopefully incorporate them into our regular meals.
-I want to learn more about soaking grains so I can add that step into my baking. I have been making our bread for a while, but currently I purchase WW flour from the store. I would like to do more research on purchasing grain and a mill so I can incorporate different flours into my bread making as well.
-Lastly, this may be a stretch, but I'd love to find a way to get a few fresh eggs and some raw milk so I can begin making our own mayo and yogurt.

This post is part of the Nourishing New Years Resolutions Carnival found on the Nourishing Gourmet website.

I'll try to share some of my spiritual and family related goals in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your goals. I am adding spelt into my baking.
Thanks for sharing.

vehementflame said...

I love the fresh start too. I like your idea of a once a week dessert. I am a sweet a holic. Maybe moderation vs axing it will be more pratical. Best wishes!