Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fun times!

I am discovering that I'm not really that great at playing with Benjamin. I wish taking time out from housework and other activities to sit and play with him came more naturally, but even though it does not, I'm determined to work on doing it more. So today I did very little housework and we played. We watched a VeggieTales movie this morning, which I know doesn't sound like playing, but it was officially the first movie we have let him watch. I'm not big into movies at his age, but I thought it would be fun to watch it together. He thought the songs were so fun that he hugged the TV.

Then this afternoon after his nap, I decided to try making play-dough. I wasn't really sure what he would do with it since he still puts everything in his mouth, but he had a good time. He played with it for a while, then of course he had to try eating some. That only happened once! He was not happy with having it in his mouth and gagged on it until the taste was gone. Poor kid. But at least once was enough to teach him not to eat it. After he was done with play-dough I filled the kitchen sink up with soapy water and gave him a spoon, a spatula, and a whisk to play with. That was a full 20 minutes of entertainment which is very impressive for him. He loved it! By the end he was soaked, as were the counter top, cabinets, and floor around him, but he had a blast and I had fun watching.

Then I had fun playing with the photo editing site Picnik :)

Those bubbles on the dishes are pretty tasty
Working hard.
Digging into the water
Not sure what to think of it at first
Then having a great time!

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