Friday, December 19, 2008

Nights In Bethlehem

Last weekend we had the privilege of participating in our church's version of what it might have been like to walk through Bethlehem around Christ's birth. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I was too occupied kneading my bread dough. Matt and I participated as the baker and the baker's wife. I did not get a very good picture, but we had a bakery complete with a smoking oven, hot bread, and great costumes. ;) We have some very talented people in our Sunday School class who built the oven and came up with the design for our bakery. Besides the bakery, there were people selling fish (real ones I might add), a carpentry shop, a lady selling cloth, a spice shop, a blacksmith, Jewish dancers, and of course a stable complete with live animals. Oh yes, and there was a jail which was constantly occupied by the thieves that kept running through the city stealing people's things. I had so much fun watching all the children that participated. Next year I'm hoping Benjamin can participate as well. He'll make a cute little baker's son! The bakery crew
Benjamin enjoyed some of the baker's wares

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