Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Going to Grandpa and Grandma Anderson's house

We just got back from a great trip to Indiana. We spent half our time in Terre Haute and the other half in Marion. Benjamin has become quite the little traveler between going to California and going to Indiana all in one month. We truly enjoyed our time away, but now we are desperately in need of some routine!
Benjamin had 10 days of constant attention from grandparents and aunts and uncles. He LOVED it! While we were at my family's house, he and my brother John had a great time playing. We enjoyed having him constantly entertained and had fun playing games and watching movies with my siblings. It's really hitting me that there may not be that many more years where all of us Anderson kids will be home for at least one holiday a year. My brother Will is in college and has a summer job in Indy and it won't be long before Joel, Melody, and Esther are in college as well. So I felt so blessed to be there with everyone. My sister Rachel and her husband got to be there as well and we got to see sonogram pictures of there little expected blessing. I am so excited for Benjamin to have a little cousin to play with when we go home.
Along with many other fun activities, we had some fun after dinner on Thanksgiving. We had read about dropping mentos in a two liter of diet coke and decided to try it out for ourselves. I just chuckled to myself and we all traipsed out to the soccer field behind my parents house to try our little experiment. Who needs a football game anyway? :) The experiment was a success and lots of fun! I'm so thankful for my family and for the godly heritage that I have and that my siblings are in the middle of right now. I took almost 200 pictures while we were home, but here are the few I weeded out to share. Hope you enjoy! Musical as usual
Celebrating Will's birthday a little late - the big "18"
More from our leaf raking party
Playing in the leaves with Aunt Melody
Riding a horse with help from Aunt Bekah
John loves his kitty
Leaf raking party!
Playing outside and loving it as usual
Uncle John and Benjamin were buds
Benjamin fell asleep in Uncle Joel's arms and they both took a nap
Fun times playing games
Benjamin with his beautiful Aunt Melody
Anderson/Agapie/Davis Family Photo
Thanksgiving entertainment - putting Mentos in Diet Coke and watching the the fountain!

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Catie said...

that experiment looks fun :) never heard of that before!
glad to see your vacation in Indy-land was great :)