Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lovin' Some Chocolate!

Last night Matt and I had a much needed date. We dropped Benjamin off at Spectrum for their Kids Night Out (a.k.a. parents night out), and we had 4 hours of freedom. We are in major frugal mode right now as we are trying to recover from having depleted our adoption savings and we have two very old cars, so we are saving as much as we can. However, those dates are so necessary. We had some money left on a gift card to Panera Bread (thanks to my MyPoints account), so dinner was only $1.70. Then we went downtown and walked around looking at Christmas lights. The Riverwalk is so pretty this time of year. We got a sweet tooth after a while, so we went to HEB, where we also have a gift card and got some ice cream to split. Then we browsed at Barnes & Noble for a few minutes before going to pick up the little bug. We had a great time, and apparently so did he.

Now usually I think of the gym as kind of a healthy place. I go there to work out so I can stay fit and healthy. However for kids night out, Benjamin ate pizza for dinner. (which I'm not complaining about because they watch him for 4 hours for $20 and dinner is included) What was a little crazy was that when we picked him up, it was almost 10pm and he had a gummy fruit slice in his hand. I mean, candy for a 17 month old. What? Fortunately he didn't seem too interested in eating it so I removed it from his hand and he was fine. But on the way out the door, the gave him this cute little stuffed bear that was holding a tiny little bag. Benjamin loves soft things, so he was delighted with it. We put him in the car and headed home. A few minutes later I looked in the back seat, fully expecting to see him asleep since it was so late, but instead I hear "mmmmm." It turns out that inside that little bag that the bear was holding was a piece of chocolate in tin foil. He had fished it out and was enjoying it, foil and all. He wasn't too sure about the foil though and handed that to me, but he was quite a mess and apparently is a chocolate lover. Hmmm. Guess he fits right into the family!

I still have to say, that even though he may not get the healthiest of foods during Kids Night Out, it's totally worth it to get a date once or twice a month. :)

Chocolate Covered Smiles are the Best!

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Joel said...

Very cute as always. :P