Wednesday, October 1, 2008

15 months old!

Benjamin was 15 months old yesterday. My goodness how time flies. Today he had a doctor's appointment and weighed 26.5 lbs and was 31 inches long. No wonder my arms hurt when I carry him. Praise the Lord he continues to be wonderfully healthy! As the doctor was doing his check-up, he commented that Benjamin is all boy and that I must be one tired mom. He was right! Benjamin is ALL boy! He is super active and such an explorer. Last week he became an expert at climbing up on our kitchen chairs and then up onto the table. I finally had to put the chairs out of sight so he would stay off the table. Yep! All boy! And yes, I'm tired. But I really think God must give an extra bit of strength to us mommies because overall, I'm really enjoying all the activity, even when it's tiring.

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Joel said...

Is he tap dancing? :P